Just a few websites that realllly helped me

Just a few websites that realllly helped me narrow down my search for careers. These websites helped with not only narrowing down my search, by also locating what job I was looking for without having to do a lot of research. 






here is also a story from Forbes that helped me:



Hello everyone,

Welcome to my page and I hope you enjoy what you read here! I hope that my blog can connect with a lot of people my age and show others that the last year in college is nothing to take lightly. My blog will be about the journey my life takes in the last semester of college, going through job interviews, getting a job, finding out living situations and dealing with my boyfriend training for the NFL. Hopefully some of you can relate your life to mine and see that graduating is a great thing and very exciting, but also extremely problematic in looking at your next step in life.

I am eager to read all of our classes blogs and see what their topics are as well. I have never blogged before so bare with me! 🙂 Thanks for reading everyone!