Biggest Presentation of my Life- Comst. 404

When you come down to the last few weeks left of your college career, you start to experience some very important presentations. I did a research study and would like to explain the study I implemented. I interviewed 4 people and asked them what are the things they look for most in interviewing someone.

Perhaps the most interesting finding in this research is that while previous research has shown that professionalism has not left the business world, my study has shown it has. With that being said, a major finding of this study is that three out of four people described that professionalism is not what it used to be. In looking at what the participants had said, there was no use of language describing that is was a negative, but an underlying feeling described it as something that they would not consider positive. It is important for candidates to know that you should always dress professional and look the part. Another finding in my study was that a key part in receiving an employment offer, is thoroughly preparing for the interview. Something that we can take away from this study is preparing to learn everything you can about the organization. Research the company history, products, services and goals. Being able to display a working knowledge of the industry is impressive to potential employers. The last major finding in my study involves constructing complete answers for the interviewer. Constructing complete answers is telling us that we need to answer each question fully. This is important in every interview that we do because it shows how serious we are about the employment opportunity. In our interviews, we want to go above and beyond in answering each question fully and completely.
            Expectancy Violation Theory sees communication as the exchange of information which is high in relational content and can be used to violate the expectations of another which will be perceived as either positively or negatively depending on the liking between the two people (Asumb, 2008). This theory can be applied to my research because it interprets the relationship between the candidate and the interviewer and then makes a decision whether or not to violate the expectations of the other person depending on what outcome they would like to achieve.

Limitations to this study would include the small participant number from the same geographical area. To improve this in future research, one could include using a broader and more diverse set of participants. This would allow for the results to represent more of the population. Another limitation would be that it is possible that participants held back their true feelings in a business setting. Because the interview was based in their offices, this could have limited the feelings and truth that they wanted to say, but couldn’t because they were in a business setting. A more in depth interview specifically about their feelings towards violations of etiquette in employment interviews would have been a better route to proceed with.

            The most important element in obtaining a job is the job interview. Potential employers look for candidates that are confident, sharp and equipped for the position. The interview process offers job seekers an opportunity to rise to the top of the candidate pool. Often several equally qualified candidates apply for the same position, which makes the interview session even more important. The purpose of this interview study is to understand the violations of etiquette we make in the employment process and to see how we can learn from this study and better ourselves in the employment interview process. The three important tasks that we can take away from this study is to look professional, prepare yourself, and construct complete answers. In doing this, your future will be bright with the company that you are applying for. When you under­stand how impor­tant an interview is, apply these tips, and make it your habit and the results will be rewarding.