Troubles With The Future

Finding a job before you get out of college is a job in itself. As a senior, you are coming in on your last year of college and the work loads are sometimes unbearable. This is a problem for most college seniors and it is difficult for us to have the drive to not only finish strong in the last semester of our schooling, but also find a job to start our lives after school.

I used ISU CMS website to find my job. I recently got a job with Aerotek, a recruiting staffing agency in West Des Moines. This is a big deal for me because it was such a long process. I went from screenings, to three hour long phone interivews, to three hour long face to face interviews and then a job shadow after that, a four week long process quickly turned into a nightmare and I couldn’t escape it. I was a nervous wreck.

Bottom line is….

It all worked out. If there is one thing that you will take away from my blog posts it is that everything works out how it should. You can worry all you want, but worrying won’t get you any farther. Just work hard and show the employers what you can do for them and their company.

“Why worry? If you have done all you possibly can do, then worrying won’t fix anything.”- Walt Disney


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