The Older We Get…

Hi JLMC Class, 

I am a senior, as most of us in this class are. Something that I have come to find out is that (obviously) college gets harder the older you get. In my opinion, if you are involved in your major and have an interest in the major, your classes become harder because you are evolving in your area of expertise, but it also becomes easier because the further you travel in your college years, the more you know about your major. College always pushes you to take more credits and take on a work load that is monstrous. I feel that we take so much energy to finish our course work, that we don’t realize that when we are seniors, in my case, we are finished with our major qualifications and now just have to take electives to finish our credits as Iowa State students. Being a senior and involved in classes that are not involved in our major, is actually harder for us. I have experienced that since I have become a high junior and senior, my elective classes have become harder because I am not experienced in those fields. Oh, the problems we face as seniors. 

My next problem that I can see is job hunting, which in my opinion, is a job in itself. 

My next post will describe my journey through looking for employment in the months following graduation. Until then, have a great weekend everyone and stay safe! 🙂 



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